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  • $299.99


    AccuTax Bronze is one of our two most popular packages and designed for the moderate to medium size tax practice.

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  • $399.99


    AccuTax Silver is our Number One software package and designed for the tax practice who have a range of tax clients.

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  • $499.99


    AccuTax Gold is designed for the tax practice who needs to file the simplest return to the more complex return.

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Who is AccuTax?

AccuTax Software Solutions is a leader in income tax preparation software for individual and business tax returns. We offer electronic filing, refund settlement products, and other products that are associated with income tax preparation. AccuTax has become one of the nation’s leading tax preparation software companies and electronic filing center. Powered by a 37 year veteran tax preparation software developer, AccuTax is an innovator in the electronic tax preparation marketplace.

As software technology transitioned through the years, AccuTax has remained consistent with its corporate goals of producing high-quality software while pursuing business opportunities through new product development.

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AccuTax is at it again! Our new product development is the AccuTab. The AccuTab is the envy of all of software competitors. The AccuTab can be used as a Tablet or an actual PC.

The AccuTab is preloaded with the Desktop version of AccuTax. The windows base tablet can be used for other computing. .

  • Have access to your software at all times
  • Can be used as a tablet or a PC
  • Use your smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot
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