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The benefits you get by utilizing AccuTax is not to be compared to by other competitor’s software. Giving you options is what our software does best. It’s about time that a tax software is giving tax professionals the ability to look like the big dogs.

Our full line of E-File solutions thru various Refund Settlement Companies keep you in step with your client’s demands and right in line with your competitor’s offerings.

Refund Settlement Partners

AccuTax have relationships with several Refund Settlement Partners; however, below are our preferred partners.

Preferred Partners:

Disbursement Options
  • Onsite Check Printing

  • Pre-Paid Debit Card

  • Virtual Account

  • Direct Deposit

  • IRS Mailed Check

Customer Benefits
  • Fast refund options thru Refund Settlement Companies that give your customers a choice
  • Choice of a printed check right from your office, direct deposit, or a Virtual Account
  • No out-of-pocket expense for your services from clients when elect a Refund Settlement Product
  • More Security – refund check won’t get stolen or lost in the mail
  • Audit Insurance – protection against IRS audits
Tax Professional Benefits
  • Fee collection options that enable you to deduct your fees from your customer’s refund.
  • Stay competitive by offering the same products as the “Big Franchises” offers
  • Ability to earn free software next year
  • Earn additional revenues thru rebate from selected Refund Settlement Companies
  • Your fees are direct deposit into your account within 24 to 48 hours
  • Same Day Fee Deposit thru selected Refund Settlement Companies
  • By utilizing our software you are eligible for our AccuTax Software Rebates
  • Minimum out of pocket expense for you
  • Additional products and services to help you maintain revenue all year round

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