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After visiting our Frequently Asked Question Page and you still find your question not answered please don’t hesitate to contact an Account Executive Manager.

Why Should I purchase software from AccuTax Software Solutions?

AccuTax Software Solutions is highly favored when it comes to tax preparation software. Powered by a 35 year veteran tax preparation software developer, AccuTax is able to give you innovate software to help your tax practice compete with some of the larger firms such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. AccuTax prides its software on ACCURACY ACCOUNTABLITY AND.AFFORDABLITY

Can I convert my current software data to AccuTax Software?

No PROBLEM!. AccuTax can convert tax data from the following software applications: Lacerte, Intuit/ProSeries, Tax Slayer, Crosslink, Sabre-ATX, UTS Tax Wise, Drake and many others.

Will I be able to offer Refund Settlement Products?

Yes! Accutax offer electronic filing, fast refund products thru our partnership with various Refund Settlement Companies and we also offer other products that’s associated with income tax preparation.

Do I need to be an experienced tax professional?

No experience necessary. AccuTax will give you all the tools you need to run a successful tax business and provide you training on the software.

Do I need to have a PTIN?

Yes. You must have a PTIN to prepare tax returns for compensation. If you do not have a PTIN, after the purchase of your software we will help you obtain your PTIN. There is a fee required to obtain a PTIN.

Do I need to have a EFIN?

No. However we would like for you to obtain your own EFIN. AccuTax have several programs that allow you to E-FIle with owning your own EFIN some restrictions apply. If you do not have an EFIN, after the purchase of your software we will help you obtain your EFIN.

Will I receive any specialized training or technical support?

Yes! For all new users, AccuTax has a 1 hour free one on one training. In addition, you can get additional training at our annual workshop or in person at your location and various online web training. Technical support is provided during and after the tax season.

What amount of investment is necessary?

AccuTax understands the need that purchasing software for your tax practice can get quite costly with that in mind, We have software packages as low as $149.00.

What if I have multiple locations?

AccuTax software was designed for a multi office operation. Our management dashboard helps you stay in tune with all of your offices operations. Don’t forget to ask about your multi-office location discount.

How do I get started?

By purchasing our software thru our website by clicking on our Pricing Page or by calling our 24 hours telephone ordering system at 713.491.4578 or by contacting an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE MANAGER TODAY!

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