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AccuLock is an electronic document management for organizations that want the freedom to access their company files or client files anytime, anywhere.

Since documents are stored in the Cloud, it provides a central location to capture, manage, share and protect all files handled within your office, both paper-based and digital.

Your account is accessed via Web browser, so no server is needed and we back up your files for you. All files are stored on a remote server in our state-of-the-art data centers. Files are encrypted and advanced security measures are put in place so you don’t have to worry about your information or documents being stolen or hacked.

Eliminate the Panicked Client Requests for
Tax Return Copies After Hours.

AccuLock keeps everything together in one secure place.

No matter how many clients you have or how many team members are working on a tax return or project, AccuLock keeps everything organized. Whether you have one engagement with clients or many, you can organize each project within its own conversation, sharing documents, providing guidance, and managing tasks. When a conversation is closed, you can easily archive if you ever need to access it again.

Present a Professional Image to Clients

Your clients will love how easy it is to retrieve a copy of their tax return or tax documents. Share files through any device.

Our intuitive interface has been so simplified, even your most technology-challenged clients can get around. Easy password recovery takes all the stress out of managing your portal. Tag files by keywords for simple searching.

You will not mind the cost savings on postages, folders, and paper costs.

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