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AccuTax is the fastest, easiest and most accurate online tax software solution for the do it yourself taxpayers who want confidence their taxes are done right, and they’re getting the biggest refund.

AccuTax walks through every step necessary to prepare and file taxes online, including filling out all the right forms. With AccuTax, taxpayers can choose to electronically file (e-file) taxes online, apply for a bank product, or print and mail their return.

Taxpayer gather their W-2s and other income documents.

The taxpayer just gather up their W-2s and any other tax documents and keep them handy. They don’t have to worry if they don’t have them all yet, they can still get started.

We can even import many tax documents directly from theiremployer or financial institution.

Taxpayer get help along the way. AccuTax will help with the preparation.

Unsure about which tax documents you need to gather? Have questions about your tax refund?

We’ll ask you easy-to-answer questions in plain English and fill in all the right tax forms for you.

We’re here for you each step of the way. If you need us, we’re ready. Just give us a call or chat live with a AccuTax Tax Preparation Expert.

We double-check everything.

AccuTax Web1040 double-checks your tax return as you go, and before you file, so you can be sure nothing has been left out.

Pay nothing out of pocket.

You can subtract any AccuTax preparation fees from your federal tax refund

Get it faster.

We guarantee you’ll get your biggest tax refund. And with efile, you’ll get it as fast as possible.

We will also give the option to direct deposit or receive a check from our banking partners.

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