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AccuPrompt reduces your time spent answering inquiries about taxpayers’ return statuses and eliminates their frustration of being on hold waiting to hear a status update.

Info Prompt, an automated, bilingual and toll-free voice service, takes the frustration out of status inquires for both you and your client. AccuPrompt is low cost feature that add value to your office

AccuPrompt is also great for tax professional who have a mobile service or work out of their home.

    Test Drive AccuPrompt

  • Call the toll-free number: 866-730-2274

  • Enter sample Social Security Number of all the same digit – example
    111-11-1111, 222-22-2222 and so on up to 999-99-9999

  • The service will play a return status associated with that demo SSN

  • You can listen to 9 different demo recordings of what your clients will hear

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